The College Experience

This is an exciting time in your student’s life. Over the next few years, they will expand their knowledge in education and life experiences. The Cottages at Magnolia is here to help with that transition for both you and your student. We provide some of Tallahassee’s most premier locations for off campus housing. Whether you go to Florida A&M University, Florida State University or any of the other fine education establishments here in Tallahassee The Cottages at Magnolia is the perfect location to call home.


Professional Management

The team at The Cottages at Magnolia is outgoing, charismatic and fully equipped with being able to provide you and your student with the best possible customer service here in Tallahassee. With years of experience in the Tallahassee Market our leasing staff will make your leasing process as quick and as easy as possible. Satisfying you and your student’s every off campus housing need is our main goal and where The Cottages at Magnolia finds their Mission.


Individual Lease Individual

Leasing, or better known as peace of mind, allows for you the parent or guardian to rest assured knowing that you and your student are only responsible for YOUR agreed upon lease contract. Life can present an individual with situations where that person can no longer remain present in Tallahassee for their education. If that individual decides to leave you and your students’ obligations will not change. The ability to be able to lease by the bedroom will not get you on the hook for more than that which was already agreed upon.


Park N Pay

Park N Pay is a state of the art parking application allows for individuals visiting the community to purchase a digital visitors parking pass. Utilizing the Park N Pay system, those who wish to visit the Apartment Community are required to enter in their name, email address and specific vehicle information. Park N Pay benefits residents by eliminating vehicles that do not move out of visitor spaces and freeing up visitor spaces for paying residents and authentic visitors. This system also provides the Management Team with records of visitors should an incident occur. For more information please visit,


Floor Plans and Property Features

The Cottages at Magnolia offers a wide array of floor plan and housing options for you to choose from. All of these floor plans not only provide personal dead bolt locks on each bedroom door but personal bathrooms as well. Our community amenities provide the convenience of walking or biking to campus, affordable rental rates, great community activities and a great environment for our students to live, learn and relax.


Roommate Matching

Finding a roommate can be tricky. Let us take the guess work out of finding an individual for your student to room with. We utilize a thorough Roommate Matching System that provides us with the ability to find the best possible match for your student.


Furnished and Unfurnished

Not in the mood to move all that heavy furniture in this Florida heat? No Problem! Let us take care of the furniture for you. The Cottages at Magnolia provides Unfurnished and Furnished options on all of our floor plans. This full luxury furniture package will provide your student with everything he or she could need without having to pack much more than a toothbrush. Please give our office a call for further details about the furniture package.


Business Center and Computer Lab

The Business Center and Computer Lab at The Cottages at Magnolia will provide your student with the tools necessary to be prepared for academic success. With a fully equipped computer center and study room your student will be able to print those long term papers and pesky online assignments free of charge. Your student will be able to find a place to study and prepare for all of which college can throw their way. We care about your Student’s academic success.


Online Payments

The Cottages at Magnolia is equipped with one of the most up to date online payment processing applications in the market. Set up Monthly Auto Payments, update contact information, submit a maintenance request and contact a leasing representative all with a few clicks of a button. We provide you, the parent or guardian, with full transparency as it pertains to your student’s stay with us at The Cottages at Magnolia. We help to provide your student with their home away from home…so go ahead and enjoy all that free time you just inherited and rest assured that we have the housing part under control.